Ann Thompson CookExecutive coach

During her 30-year career, Ann Thompson Cook has been the president/CEO of a national organization, provided consultation services to scores of staff and board leaders, and facilitated a wide variety of strategic planning, diversity, and other creative meetings and retreats throughout the country. She has a master’s degree in social work and extensive training in leadership and coaching.

This combination of experience and expertise shapes Ann’s work as an executive coach, consultant, and meeting facilitator:

Her background as an executive director enables her to get to the root of what’s happening in your organization, direct appropriate intervention, and turn organizational change into an opportunity for growth.

Her longtime involvement in diversity issues and experience with many different organizations help her build trust within your organization and work effectively with everyone from senior executives and board members to entry-level support staff.

Her experience in facilitating strategic planning and other meetings and retreats works to your advantage by helping you maximize the effectiveness of your board and turn meetings into something that staff and board members look forward to.

Her roots in social work have made her an astute listener and valuable sounding board. She helps you prioritize and see clearly what to have your eye on without ever losing sight of the fact that you are the expert on your organization.

And her training in leadership and coaching helps you produce lasting change in your organization—or in your life.

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“Ann is quite different from other consultants I’ve worked with. She didn’t come in as ‘The Expert,’ but instead related to me as the expert on my own organization. She listened, asked questions, explored options, and helped me see when I was getting in my own way. That approach empowered me to succeed.”
Kirsten Kingdon, Executive Director
phone: 202.237.7192