Ann Thompson CookLeadership coach & mentor

What clients say about Ann’s work

What clients say about Ann’s leadership and management coaching 

“A big challenge was having my organization accept the idea of coaching as a good investment. Now it’s easy to see the benefits. Ann’s coaching has helped me clarify our strategic directions and reach new levels in my communication with trustees.” —Kristin Pauly, Managing Director

“With Ann’s coaching, I was able to become an executive director with no ramp-up time—to step into being effective at it right away.” —Barbara Wallace, Executive Director

“Ann is quite different from other consultants I’ve worked with. She didn’t come in as ‘The Expert,’ but instead related to me as the expert on my own organization. She listened, asked questions, explored options, and helped me see when I was getting in my own way. That approach empowered me to succeed.” —Kirsten Kingdon, Executive Director

What clients say about Ann’s meeting facilitation 

“Ann designed and facilitated a highly successful two-day interdepartmental planning retreat and a one-day retreat for the DC staff, and she worked with the president and chair to design a day-long meeting of the board of trustees that elicited unprecedented participation and energy. When she facilitates, she helps people focus and manages participation in a way that’s both respectful and productive.” —Tom Nichols, Vice President for Finance and Administration

“Ann worked with my staff and me on defining areas of responsibility, identifying our individual strengths, and determining how best to use them. As a result, we all became bolder in our areas of strength, which contributed enormously to the effectiveness of our organization.” —Kathryn Johnson, Executive Director

“Ann facilitated a series of weekly team meetings after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Our fundraising staff could have panicked, what with the quarantine of our direct mail receipts because of anthrax at the post office and the general upheaval in charitable giving at the time. All of us were relatively new to our jobs and felt overwhelmed. Ann’s coaching helped us keep our cool, remain focused and positive, and—through a lot of creativity and teamwork—achieve great results by the end of the year.” —Jay Heavner, Fundraising Professional

“Ann's presentations at several conferences that I organized consistently received the highest ratings. Her presentations are extremely thoughtful, well organized, and appropriate to her audience. Participants in Ann’s workshops report that they have grown and been stretched by their work with her and have taken home new ideas and skills that they can use in their lives and work.” —Mark Bowman, Founding Executive

Repeated themes in client comments 

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When I’m drowning in a sea of issues, Ann has the uncanny ability through her gentle questions to get to the heart of the matter. Then she suggests other possibilities that seem to open up entire new galaxies.”
E. Duane Wilkerson, MPH.